TxDOT continues to support agencies in their adoption of the CRASH application. CRASH went live in production on October 4, 2011, with four agencies: Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Copperas Cove PD, Cedar Park PD and La Vernia PD.  Within a month later, on November 4, 2011, our flagship agency San Antonio PD began utilizing CRASH after an extensive three-month training to more than 2,000 officers.  Additional agencies are being added to CRASH as they complete the prerequisites and qualification requirements.

TxDOT offers two free applications for electronic submission:

  1. CRASH – developed for investigators to provide crash data via the secure public internet and includes over 800+ business rules and edits.
  2. Submission Services – developed for agencies with an existing application and requires a web services client and adherence to the 800+ business rules and edits.

The steps/process for using CRASH is as follows:

  1.  Complete CRASH Training Checklist.
  2. Schedule Configure and CRASH training.
    a. Configure training is 2 hours and is held as the first class prior to CRASH training,
    b. CRASH training is 4 hours and TCOLE certified.  (A certified TCOLE instructor must be present for the CRASH training in order for any officer attending to receive TCOLE Credit)

The steps/process for using Submission Services is as follows:

  1. Attend a kick-off meeting between TxDOT, agency and agency’s RMS vendor, which lasts 1 hour. The Submission Services Implementation Plan is reviewed.
  2. Sign the Implementation Plan.
  3. Begin testing with TxDOTs support.
  4. Review of testing results and if agency, TxDOT, vendor agree the agency is ready to move to production, the agency will begin submitting records electronically.