Lower Cost and Higher Accuracy in a fraction of the time

  • Data entry performed by officers at the scene of a crash or at the office; officers are completing the reports in 10-15 minutes.
  • Over 800 customizable business rules, edits and error messages available; data is validated prior to submission to supervisor.
  • Integrated intersection and stretch of road templates are available for use when diagramming crash.

Data Sharing

Report and Dashboard Development

CRASH Microstrategy Dashboard

Data Sharing provides the data to agencies electronically so they may import the data into their internal records management systems instead of having to rekey it manually.  A crash record is provided to an agency once it has been fully processed by CRIS.

Delivery Method and Timing:

  • Web Services
  • SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • Delivered to agencies in as little as 24 hours to Quarterly

CRASH Data Sharing Formats:

  • XML – Extensible Markup Language
  • CSV – Comma Separated Value

Reports from TxDOT Business Intelligence Tool (Microstrategy)

  • Reports – Scheduled or Ad hoc
  • Dashboard and Report development