There are two types of training:

Configure training is for the Agency Authorization Manager (AAM) and their backup. The AAM is the person chosen by the agency to manage all CRASH users for that agency. During training, TxDOT will explain the six roles a user may have assigned to them within CRASH, the responsibilities each role entails, and train the AAM on how to assign roles to users as individuals or as a group. Training usually takes 1 hour.

CRASH user training is for all individuals using CRASH, including records personnel, law enforcement officers, and CR-3 report approvers/supervisors. During class, trainers introduce the website and go over all the features crash has to offer. Afterwards, trainees complete six hands-on exercises showing them how to do a basic search, complete a two-person two-vehicle accident report, fill out a hit and run report, do a report supplement, see how the embedded notepad function works, and training for supervisors on how to approve and reject reports. Training earns four hours of TCOLE credit. A TCOLE certified trainer is required to attend.

Training is usually done via WebEx, but can also be done in person. Online training is currently in development. The number of users trained and classes taught is based on the preference of the agency. TxDOT can do a train the trainers class for select individuals or train all users within the agency in one or more CRASH user training sessions. At minimum there needs to be at least one computer with internet access per two trainees. Additionally, TxDOT requests that a projector be available so trainees can follow along as the instructor shows various features on the CRASH website.

If your agency has already received training, but would like to receive additional training, please contact us.